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I used this online service unfortunately, I contacted customer service d/t transaction being declined. Customer service rep given information and then realized my bank prohibited transaction because it was being processed in the UK., rep tried to get another CC number from me, but decided I would do it myself online. Eight days later I noticed a transaction to a Defender X company on my online bank transaction hisotry , called the bank,... Read more

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they are only scamming us because we are letting them. everyone please file a complaint listed below. we can not allow this to continue. im including my email address i don't know if we should band together for a class action suit against them next or what. but they are refusing to give back a so many peoples money. this is not right. lets stop them Advertisement Advertisement 3) Contact the company to request a refund. If... Read more

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unbelievable. same as everyone else. we need to get together and file a report. I have some information on what steps to take. but we need more than one person. they are getting rich stealing our money and we can not let this stand. so many complaints on here with no refunds. anyone ready to stand up and say enough my email is Advertisement Advertisement 3) Contact the company to request a refund. If you want your money... Read more

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I used this company to create a new resume. I paid the $1.50 to download it. Nowhere did it tell me that I was signing up for anything else. I checked my debit card statement and had a strange charge of $34.95 from AX*MYPERFRESUME. I looked it up and immediately saw thousands of horrible reviews about their scam website. I called the number listed on the site and cancelled my "membership" that I had never signed up for. I was denied a refund. I... Read more

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I can not believe that this company has been taking money out of my account for 4 months. I needed a resume to find a job. I just said I had to pay 1.95 but they kept discounting me without saying anything. I just want my money back which is a total of $ 76.41 that I was drawn from 9/15/16 until 11/24/16.

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I used the My Perfect Resume website to create a resume for myself to apply for several different jobs. I was very happy with how my resume turned out and was excited to only pay $1.50 for it. The website told me I could have free trial for a month and would not have to pay any additional fees besides the $1.50. Instead, they continued to charge my credit card every week or so. I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop the charges from... Read more

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They charge my credit card for no providing any service to me. Stay awayyyyyyy! I didn't give my credit card info and I don't know how they can charge me $25 monthly Read more

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Yes, same old same old BS that you just read. Just told customer service things I would not repeat on this board. One of the sneakiest scams I've encountered on the internet to date. 1. Find a resume you like 2. Get ready to save and access design 3. Get directed to pay for (what seems to be the resume) 4. You are unknowingly activating a trial period (which quite dishonestly is not a trial because you are PAYING) 5. Get ready to be charged in... Read more

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I had a horrible experience as well. I paid the money for the resume and thought I had cancelled it after speaking to one of their customer service representatives. Thorns out they had not cancelled my subscription and starting billing me $35 per month. I found out after several months and they did nothing about it. Very deceptive billing. There are no emails with billing statements so you have no idea you are being billed. Customer service was... Read more

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All contact numbers have been dis connected and no response back from my emails. I want to cancel my subscription immediately! Feel like I've been totally scammed!

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