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Did the trial, but could not download. Cancelled subscription and got a other resume from a other company. You have been taking $35.80 out of my account since March of 2016 until September.$286.40 for what? The service was cancelled. I would like my money refunded. Please contact me regarding this matter. Read more

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i have been billed some money on my account and i didnot approve it i want to know the reason why i was billed that amount . it seems its a scam as they ask for the account yet they continue to charge unsuspecting people so please let me know what i need to do to be able to get this resolved once and for all. hhghf hffdfgfs dfdfdf v dfdfdf dfec dfdfer sd dfdfs sdf sdt sd sd vv bb bb bbg sdfh ddf dft adf fdfd adsd afdf afdf f df afdf fa... Read more

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My Perfect Resume - Refund account : 125918326 & 26870112
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I've suscribed to my perfect resume on August 12. They charged me the trial on that date and charged me 34.95$ on August 15th,28th and opened another account with my name for the french version which I never agreed too and charged me again on September 10th 34.95$. I want to get a refund of 104.85$ immediately. Please don't use their website and NEVER give them your credit card number. I only bought the 15 days trial and they charged me 34.95$... Read more

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Ive attempted to cancel this for several months. Cant seem to be able to contact a human return emails and im still getting charged every month. Ive filed a fraudulent claim against them. This "company" should be ashamed of themselves! Read more

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I have been trying to cancel my service before and after the trial and am now being charged $25.95 for a subscriotion that is veritably uncancelable and on the *** of being crooked. I use this site to try and better my life by getting a job. I would have paid in the future once i had a job and needed an updated resume but this is a kick in the gut when i'm unemployed and no money is coming in Read more

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Do not give these crooks your credit card number. They will use it to bill you ridiculous monthly fees without authorization. I stupidly gave them my card information to pay a fee for a single resume print out (which was very hard to work with) and they billed me $28.90 for months. I did not initially check my bill carefully and didn't notice the fees. That's what they are counting on. This kind of exploitative behavior is disgusting and... Read more

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Once the resume is created, it is very hard to edit and format. If you download it, forget about MS Word integration. PDF format looks like ***. It has a Resume Check section that tells you what's wrong with your resume, but you are unable to format it. Not worth the time or energy. I can't insert spacing between sentences. The services they offer are inadequate, inferior and can be found online elsewhere for free. I am disappointed. This is a... Read more

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Well, I only make the payment for a 15 day trial to download a resume I´ve made, but it seems that you´ve been charging me monthly. I want this to stop as soon as possible. I honestly haven´t realized that this charge was being made to my credit card, and at this point I believe you have made me a couple of charges. I would like a refund for the money taken from my account, and also I want the cancellation of this. I attach the image of the last... Read more

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They are crooks! Dishonest about their billing. They over charge.

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These sleezy people took way too much money out of my account. They are dishonest and offer poor services. Their crooks!

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