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I am absolutely livid with this company. Like virtually everyone else, I was doped by their deceptive billing policies. I signed up for the free 14 day membership and literally used the site once! A few days ago I found about that I had been charged $35.80 twice last month- once on April 2 and again on April 28. When I called them up I was told that it says by creating an account, you agree for an automatic renewal . Of course, My Perfect Resume does NOT make this clear. In order to find out how much you are being billed and when you will be billed, you must go into your account, go then go into your subscription to find this information. And of course, My Perfect Resume does NOT send you a confirmation email saying that you are being billed or for what amount. I noticed a response from My Perfect Resume which states that they send a confirmation email for your billing, THEY DO NOT. THIS IS A LIE. I even mentioned this to the representative today and he openly admitted that My Perfect Resume doesn't send emails confirming that you have been billed! I was told yesterday when I first contacted a representative that because I only used the site once, that he would file a claim seeing if I could get refunded. I thanked him and was honestly grateful. But this morning I received an email saying that BOTH refund claims were denied and the reason given was "Request for refund was made after billing date." Excuse me? How could I NOT request a refund after a billing date? How can you refund me money which has not yet been taken? I brought this up with the representative today and he couldn't explain what they meant and admitted that "I am aware that it doesn't make sense." I then asked why I was told by the previous representative that he was filing a refund claim(he even said he took a picture of my account showing I had only used it once) when he knew that it was "After the billing date" and would not be refunded. I kid you not, the representative today told me "We're told to do this so costumers don't get angry with us." I kid you not- you can listen to the conversation since "some calls might be recorded" and listen for yourself! That is what I was told word for word!

And just minutes ago, I was able to log into my account although I was told it was cancelled and I was given an email saying it was cancelled and I was given a cancellation number! When I looked into my account information, it said my account will not expire for another 27 days. There better NOT be another payment deducted from my account, otherwise I am going to drive to their office in San Francisco and demand to speak to management!

My Perfect Resume is deceiving people using shady and non transparent billing policies. That is how they make their money! I was thankful when the representative said he would file a claim to get me a refund. I was very thankful as he was very kind. But the reasoning given to me for not refunding me, and what the representative today openly said to me, I will be demanding my money until I am refunded! I will be contacting my lawyer and will have this company investigated if I am not refunded!

And please, don't bother with a ridiculous response saying "We're sorry you feel this way" or "We state our policy on every page!" You're a deceitful company which scams people using non transparent billing policies- and you are openly lying when you respond saying that you send confirmation emails when we are billed!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of my perfect resume free trial. My Perfect Resume needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Greetings Anonymous,

We are very sorry that you have had this experience with our service. Our free account gives you the opportunity to try out our resume builder before deciding to purchase.

The ability to print, email, or download your resume and cover letters are features included in our paid subscription and not listed as a feature of the free account. You can download a plain text version of your resume for free.

We also explain that the subscription is auto-renewing. We state this on every page in the purchase process and we send a payment confirmation email stating the date and amount of the auto- renewal. We do offer several ways to cancel including by phone, live chat, email and self-cancellation in your Account Settings.

We apologize that you weren’t happy with your experience while using our service.

We are very committed in providing great customer service and again are very sorry that you had this experience. We take all feedback very seriously. It will be forwarded to our Marketing team. Please contact us directly at if you need any further assistance on your account.

Also, you can contact us directly at our toll-free number 855-213-0348.

Looking forward to helping you achieve a timely and secure resolution.

Best Regards

Anna MyPerfectResume

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