Their "free resume" - it doesn't exist. Hubby did the 'free resume' and there was no option other than to pay the $34.95 to access it.

What he didn't realise is you don't get the resume, it sits online on their server so to give it to someone you give them the link and they have to go view it WHAT A STUPID IDEA. Hubby didn't know this until he'd paid and tried to get a copy of the resume to include in his PRINTED APPLICATION FFS.

Already on the bones of our *** trying to get a job and you do this and not once but THREE PAYMENTS. Only the first was authorised.

Did he get the job NO because he HAD TO SEND A PRINTED VERSION.

Can we get the money back



So they don't care that they've suckered you out of money at all, no.

Do they care? Do they see all of these reviews and think "oh, we should change our ways because so many people are unhappy" but no, they see this and they continue to ILLEGALLY TAKE YOUR MONEY

Do not use them.

User's recommendation: Tell your friends to AVOID this company. There are many genuinely free Resume sites and templates, do not fall for this bulldust.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Location: Perth, Western Australia

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