If you try to cancel online you have to do it through the desktop version of their site if you're on mobile (or just do it on a laptop or PC). I cancelled online last night and got a confirmation email right away.

They must have improved their customer service. I'm glad, because I was starting to panic after reading some of the complaints. If you're here freaking out like I was last night, just go to your settings in the desktop version and at the bottom is a cancel button. Click on that.

It's extremely easy - just answer a little survey to complete cancellation and tell them that, yes, you really want to cancel. I'll try to update later if I still get charged, but I don't think it's going to be an issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: My Perfect Resume Subscription.

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I can t see any button on the pages ????


If you do it on your phone it may not show up. Try on a computer if that’s the case.


Thank you for your answer. I was stressed out about not being able to cancel through my phone.

Logged in through a desktop and it worked. The company should still make it very clear that the subscription comes with a recurring charge


I agree. I can’t remember if that was the case for me when I first signed up, but I think I did know about a recurring charge from the company.

I just didn’t know how to cancel until I hunted for the option.

Either way, they need to make all things perfectly clear. Glad my answer helped!


Dear Customer,

We are very sorry that you had this experience with our service. Please send us a direct message to able to resolve this matter in a secure way. You can send us an email to customerservice@myperfectresume.com or call us at 1-855-213-0348, also you can click live help to chat with us online.

Best Regards,



I didn't have a bad experience. I posted this to let everyone know that your company isn’t a scam and to let them know how to cancel properly!


I agree.


So may I know until now, after u click the cancel button, is there any charges they charge you? Coz i face the same problem here. I already click the cancel button through my laptop and I hope it works well.


I wasn’t charged anything after I cancelled.

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