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I have attempted to cancel this service for three months now.Yet another 35.80 was deducted from my bank account. It appears that they suck you in for the "free" special, and refuse to let go and jack up the rates to 35.80 a month for nothing more than a word processing program in which Word does a better job. They have refused to refund my money. Do not use this company they will just rip you off. I have found on the internet that there are...
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I didn't like
  • Unauthorized billing
Seriously? Do you people not know how to read? It does state on their site that the $1.99 whatever it is they orginally chargef you is for 14 days then they will start charging you the $40 if you don't cancel before the 14 day trial period is over. When i signed up and my trial period was over.... I completely forgot about it until the charge on my account. I called and talked to a very nice lady who cancelled my account and refunded my money....
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I started my account in the middle of March on a "free monthly" subscription just so I could do a resume and cover letter for one of my college classes.I had to pay $2.95 just to download my work onto my computer to print. At the end of March I noticed they charged me $35.80. I called and they said that since I paid for their service (just to download my work) I was moved to a paid monthly subscription. They said if I would've cancelled my...
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I didn't like
  • Taking unauthorized payments