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I am searching for a free website to build a resume. My free resume pops up in many search engines.

I almost started giving it a try (build a resume), but decided to first confirm if it is indeed a "free" service (I know how deceiving "free" can be). Searching for "is my perfect resume a true free service?" I soon found out that not only my perfect resume is not free (and customers only find that out once they are finished building their resume, but cannot download without payment), but some other sites are also not free as they advertise!

This site is one of the ones my research returned, and thankful for sites like this one that exposes such scams! And of course, many thanks to all the consumers who took the time to share their bad experience so to help others avoid such companies!

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Dear Customer,

We are very sorry that you had this experience with our service. Please send us a direct message to able to resolve this matter in a secure way. You can send us an email to or call us at 1-855-213-0348, also you can click live help to chat with us online.

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to LiveCareerUS #1435332

"Anna" is not an actual customer service rep. This company indeed is a fraud.

Stay away. They continually charge you at varying interval so that you don't pick up on it. Their resume builder is a joke, you can't download your resume until you give them a credit card. Then the resume format is useless.

When you call, they refuse to return your money.

"Anna" responds to every complaint, on every site to give the appearance that they actually care, and will help you out. They're criminals!

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