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I signed up for a resume builder to use because it was only $2.95 and seemed worthwhile. I did not read anything about signing up for a monthly program.

Why would anyone need a monthly program for 1 resume? After reviewing my bank acount I discovered that the company has been billing my debit card $34.95 a month ever since I initially signed up. I was not aware that this was happening and now realize that I have been taken advantage of.

I believe this is a scam to get you to sign up for a one time use and then plan to charge your account each month after until they are caught. They are unwilling to refund any of the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: My Perfect Resume Account.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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Same happened to me


What you are describing is very typical behavior for this online fraud syndicate; I went through exactly what you describe, with even greater loss. My Perfect Resume = The Perfect Scam.

They are a criminal enterprise thinly disguised as a legitimate business, preying on unsuspecting job seekers desperate to create a resume good enough to get them through the door for an interview. An absolutely shameless outfit, they'll take you to the cleaners and then laugh when you catch them at it.

They ought to be investigated, put out of business and face criminal fraud charges. Consumers beware!!!!


Same thing happened to me. I was lucky to find out after the first time they charged me! This is disgusting!!!


I got ALL 7 $24.95 charges returned (with work, but read this, it'll be far less). This is a Mafia-style company.

Purposeful Deception. Violations of ROSCA and DETOUR, new laws about planned deception these companies enact. Their parent company is BOLD LLC. Strategy is to 1) deceive & steal 2) multiply and thrive.

There are 4 resume companies under Bold. They do this to water down the BAD press to survive stealing longer. (Bold LLC) violates ROSCA and DETOUR with anti-cancellation Rebilling Scheme. A 1-week $2.95 trial requires 2-Part Cancellation.

Consumer believes cancelled, yet requires 2nd Separate Action to fully cancel. Then, the real deception starts: Consumer attempted cancel is added to "Hush List", receiving no communication from LiveCareer/Bold LLC whence the $24.95 monthly charge quietly begins leeching money from consumer. Anyone else affected, begin a Small Claims Case, Bold LLC will require traveling a Lawyer (as an incorporated company, most states require Attorney representation) to your area. Great payback for their purposeful and designed deception - consumers leeched money will easily be more costly for their staffed Attorney, legal fees, travel costs, etc.

Most local courts love to smash a company using deceptive practices. Report Fraud by LiveCareer & Bold LLC here: / Bold LLC - Credit Card Fraud - Rebilling/ Non-Cancellation scheme. Pretends to cancel subscription, doesn't.

Cancels all communication to not remind consumer to check for billing. *WIDELY Complained about in indication of PURPOSEFUL AND CONSISTENT INTENT TO DEFRAUD. Deceptive Trade Practice Internet Dark Mode Practices - Intentional excessive measures for cancellation ROSCA Violation - Start with a misleading “risk-free” trial offer. Add a hefty undisclosed charge if consumers don’t quickly cancel the “risk-free” trial.

Fold in illegal charges to consumers’ credit or debit cards. Freeze out people who try to stop the unauthorized shipments and charges. livecareer is owned by bold llc. They pretend to cancel your trial and continue billing quietly.

I spent $174.95 gathering this info. If it applies, please use it. HQ Phone #: here (If you get partial refund, call here to escalate/complain further) Best practices with ANY large company is to document EVERYTHING. I have a phone recorder app for proof (not for Court use in most states, but in arbitration can be proof).

Always get Agent ID, Name, Date/Time, Discussion, etc. These companies purposely "Lose" the info - so you call, cancel, they pretend but DONT cancel; months later they've thieved hundreds of $ from you. You call and say "I canceled." They say "It's still active" in a practiced voice sounding like you're addled, delusional, aggressive, and contemptuous. Most folks immediately lose it so they win with the "Sir/Maam, cursing/anger/unintelligible is unacceptable/not tolerated, I'm ending this call." BAM.

They've stolen your money, and you STILL have an Active Account. (Read below to see Legal issues being sorted by the US Govt because these practices are REAL, PURPOSEFUL DECEPTION. EG ROSCA act 2018) To Get True Refund/Cancellation: First call here. Be Polite (if you're angry/threatening/etc, they can hang up) Say you canceled and when (if it's true, I'm not advocating lying) Their response: "Bla bla $12.95 plan costs less bla bla" Translation: I'm ignoring that you said you cancelled which obviously means we need to refund you, but since I'm an anonymous rep of a 500+ person company, located in a TERRITORY (Puerto Rico, different laws, able to get away with more deceptive BS), than I actually don't care because stealing from you pays my bills so why would I give a *** to give your money back?

PS My cat Sookie says thanks for the treats! You have to prepare to say everything 3x or more because they'll ignore anything you say regarding cancel/refund etc. Say you cancelled, the date, state the disputed charges, dates, amounts, etc. TALK OVER THEM or you'll NEVER get anywhere.

Their response: "OH, you THOUGHT you cancelled, you must be confused that you only cancelled the emails!" translation: YOU are an idiot, this is a canned response to misdirect it to your fault so we can get away with theft! OR "Did you get/use the cancel confirmation?" State that "It's illegal and deceptive practice to require double-jeaopardy 2-step cancellation. It's a ROSCA violation, I'm calling my Congressman over it." Sweetly ask for their name, agent ID, then say you'll speak to the supervisor now. (Don't ASK, as its your legal right for a tier level representation.

Asking just elongates their BS) Persist till you get a Supervisor. Restate that you signed, cancelled, certain you cancelled, don't need 2 Step cancellation, restate each charge, amount, and date, and total you need refunded. Continue until they cancel 3 immediately and promise for at least 2 more via their "accounting dept". Once they are refunded, CALL BACK.

Ask for supervisor immediately. Get name & Agent ID. Describe they've refunded charges, then request refund for remaining. They'll say no.

Argue the above, and ROSCA violations, DETOUR violations. Threaten to sue in small claims (small claims requires an individual NO lawyer, requires a business Lawyer - so they'll have to pay for a lawyer while you dont in most states. The lawyer will have to come to your state, costing for flights and room/board, billable hours. Then threaten to subpoena each agent you spoke to ($50/subpoena in NC).

Tell them you'll sue for max damages ($25000 in NC). So tell them basically, by not refunding your remaining charges of $100bucks or so, they'll spend about $50,000 in court on you. FOR ME, ALL OF THE ABOVE, multiple calls, dealing with their arrogance, speaking over me, pretending not to hear, requiring me to nail down the rep into understanding I was speaking of the final charges (not the prior refunded) needing refunded, they finally escalated the first 3 months charges into their "Accounting Dept/Corporate" to be seen for refund. THEY'RE A TECH MAFIA.

GUARANTEED. Maintain a level of friendliness, dignity, while being forceful and direct and not being overrun by their practiced misdirection. Next, see below to hit their bottom line where they've hit yours - speak out to warn others. Call/email their Executives.

Raise heck until they do right by you. Best of Luck. I've developed the backend (haha) of many online companies, and seen toxic company setups just like this in the form of dexknows, citygrid, yelp, and many more - they use this formula to deceive and steal. Most courts are still inept when it comes to understanding anything technology, so it's become a nearly common practice.

Because consumers need to be DILIGENT NOTETAKERS of EVERY INTERACTION with these types of companies. It's not an accident, the maze of misdirection, deception is ON PURPOSE to take your money. That's why they're becoming illegal practices, but these companies will continue to act this way, refine their deception, etc.

CON ARTISTS. Support the DETOUR Dark Patterns Bill in the Senate Complain to the FTC:


This happened to my husband 733 dollars before my husband even realised we paid some small fee to download the resume and all of a sudden 34.95 was taken out !! Rand they wouldn't do a thing about it very angry a scam stay away


I know this post isn’t new, but this just happened to me, I had no clue they were taking $34+ a month out of my account for a $2 and some change one time resume. I NEVER signed up for a damn subscription! I feel at a loss, because there’s nothing I can do.


Same thing happened to my son! He called to cancel after they took 2 monthly payments out of 24.99 and they never canceled it.

They just took another payment out! Called bank to dispute and cancel card so they cant take anymore.


Same *** happen to me!!!


Same thing happened to me. I signed up for the one month free trial and canceled before the month was up.

That was in September 2017 its now July 2018 and while combing through my bank account to trim some expenses I discovered a monthly charge of 24.95 from my perfect resume. They have been charging 24.95 to my account for the last 10 months! Totaling a loss of $249.50! I have no communications from them regarding these charges not even a receipt in my email.

I just called their customer service line and was told I would be refunded for 3 months and the remaining 7 months were submitted to corporate for review.

I am floored by the amount of people who've experienced the same thing and am very empathetic. Obviously, I am hoping for a full refund but judging from the trail of complaints regarding this companies operating reputation I am doubtful of that outcome.

@Bridget G

Bridget, they got me for 17 months and refunded four. My Perfect Resume = The Perfect Scam.

They are a criminal enterprise thinly disguised as a legitimate business, preying on unsuspecting job seekers desperate to create a resume good enough to get them through the door for an interview. An absolutely shameless outfit, they'll take you to the cleaners and then laugh when you catch them at it.

They ought to be investigated, put out of business and face criminal fraud charges. Consumers beware!!!!


Same thing happened to me, just realized it! I got charged $25 a month without even realizing it.


Same thing happened to me! I'm not sure how a one time payment of 2.95 turned into my Visa getting billed 24.95 6 TIMES A MONTH!!!!!!!!

They will be hearing from me and my bank.

What a scam. SHUT THEM DOWN!


I have been scammed as well!! They have secretly billed me $25 a month, when it was a $2.95 one time fee!! Horrible.


Same thing happened to me as well. Customer service can’t speak proper English and it’s like pulling teeth to cancel!

This is borderline illegal practice! But I noticed they are based in PR so that’s probably how they get away with it


Great. This is happening to me as well as charge me like a dollar and some change to build my resume and now I just got a message from my debit card at it took $34 how do I stop this I emailed them so I have to wait to hear back but when I go to login it doesn't even recognize my email address. Is there no hope for me to get that money back.


They took $50 out of my account without me knowing or approval. I spoke with a guy and he didn’t want to talk about my situation at all the only thing he was offering me was a reduced new payment of 12.94/ mth.

I declined and he recommended for me to take a new offer of $5/ mth. Very aggravating and I will never even consider using them again


I was able to catch them the first month and only lost the $34, My Perfect Resume is clearly a scam and i would not recommend using them.


How did you get out of it I’ve lost $70 so far!


Call them. They will cancel it , and I also have had the same problem.

Just call them and they will cancel it. They do sound very apologetic but don’t be fooled cause after all they did steal money from you.


Same thing to me! I don't know how to unsubscribe!!

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